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2013-10-14, 12:57 a.m.


Mood: Restless

Pawpaw passed away last week. I'm still restless. What happens when I'm restless? Well, I update blogs! This blog. It's the only one.

He was old. But it was a surprise. No hospital, no warning. Just..gone. All day he was complaining that he was cold. And then, at 7:05pm, he asked for Ralph. Then he closed his eyes, and stopped breathing. It was calm and peaceful. We're really lucky for that. But I'm still sad...

Pawpaw was the tough love type. He told me he was proud of me for the first time, recently. It was Easter. Greg and I went to his house. Greg was talking to Nana, while I was showing Pawpaw some of my wrestling videos. He told me about how he used to go see wrestling in Knoxville back in the day. He loved seeing the performers! Pawpaw told me that he had seen John Cena on the morning show the other day, and that Cena was a well educated man. He told me that I'd be famous. He said that he knew I was working hard, and that I had a passion for it. After the conversation passed, I pulled Greg aside and nearly cried telling him what Pawpaw had said.

The next day, Ralph called me. Ralph and Pawpaw had a friendship beyond their father/son relationship. Ralph said that Pawpaw is so happy that I'm doing well, and that Greg is an outstanding man. He's happy that I found such a gentleman. More tears. Pawpaw has never said such things of someone I've dated.

After the wedding, Pawpaw is telling everyone how cool it is that I got hitched in TN. Ralph said that I was always the first grandkid that he'd talk about. Wrestling, my volkswagen husband, and my super-interesting retail career (lol).

I'm really going to miss that guy.

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