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2013-01-22, 11:43 p.m.


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I haven't updated in almost 2 years. Blogging isn't as much fun when you're content with life.

I strained a muscle in my thigh on Monday at work. I some how managed to make it through Crossfit this morning without issue. Deadlifts ain't got shit on me.

Philly tattoo convention to finish my chest 2/10. I'll never finish my sleeve, it just isn't in the stars. Sharkbait moved to Chicago. He's working in the shop that Punk got a bunch of his tattoos in. Good for Toddy.

Living alone means I build a lot of really cool forts, I can watch ROH DVDs all night, and I don't ever have to use a cup to drink orange juice.

Shipment tomorrow. Crossfit, cardio and shoe shopping in MD Thursday. Wrestling Friday. Adventures Saturday. Lazy and Royal Rumble on Sunday. Boom.

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